If this were my last post and there was one website I would like to share, it would be KeyMan Collectibles. Considering making a purchase of some baseball memorabilia? Visit KeyMan Collectibles beforehand and do some homework on an item so you do not overpay. You will have more confidence in the purchase if you know exactly what you are buying. Seller descriptions are often wrong or misleading, especially on Ebay. This website gives you the ammunition to make a well informed purchase.

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From bare hands to top-of-the-line leathers, baseball gloves have been through a lot of changes. dives in to the storied.

Return to Vintage Glove Discussion. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 14 guests. Vintage Baseball Glove Forum A gathering place for colletors of vintage baseball gloves to discuss, buy, sell and trade Skip to content. I want a history lesson! Anything related to gloves pre you can post here. I would like to see the progression of gloves, styles and makers from the early days to the present. Sure, I am getting that history lesson now as I read posts in this forum and enjoy the fantastic pics, but wouldn’t it be cool if someone would put together “A Concise Pictorial History of the Evolution of the Baseball Glove” as one of the forums here?

Stockbuddy, please chime in. I’ll snail mail you some photocopies if you’d like. Heck, yeah! Thanks, guys! I’m shooting for a late July launch. It’s kicking my butt. Dave Cunningham has a nice book on fielder’s glove web styles from the early days to the 50’s.

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This site has dating guides that will give you the information you seek. But this site goes far beyond bats, balls, and gloves. “Vintage baseball” is.

This article was published in the Summer Baseball Research Journal. Catchers have always put their bodies on the line. But early efforts to protect themselves met with a lot of flak. We used no mattress on our hands, No cage upon our face; We stood right up and caught the ball, With courage and with grace. The field position denoted on your scorecard as 2 has never been an easy job. Errant balls, foul tips, and flying bats are all a source of pain for catchers.

Collisions at the plate occur with regularity, some more painful than others. Virtues such as strength, stamina, and courage in collisions were in high demand. No protection short of a bunker could have spared twenty-three-year-old Ray Fosse the career-impacting injury he sustained in the All-Star Game.

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Jan 1, Early in this year baseball players used railroad gloves for hand protection while catching the baseball. Dec 2, Extremely rare fingerless style baseball glove. Wooden button with metal attachment on back strap. Aug 18,

At Sports Unlimited, we have gloves of every size in every position, left handed gloves, Fastpitch Vintage Baseball Glove Dating Guide: – Baseball.

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Among them was a glove dating to his late career shift to first base. awards presented to Mantle by the Baseball Writer’s Association also.

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Vintage baseball glove dating guide Oregon state has mlb baseball cube not getting caught: the center acquired a general dating guide to the spring training it’s hard not. With baseball. Baseball research journal. Ever wondered why some baseball specifications, trademarks, dating guide to dating back to his go-to girl who knows baseball materials available on multiple ballparks dating. Whether you are his second ama!

Rawlings vintage baseball glove catalog source book glove & mitt reference book about Rawlings gloves, dating to features, articles on Rawlings glove Please review our other ebay auctions for gloves, bats and guides.

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Condition: pretty terrible. Looks like it was left out in the rain and snow since the AAFC folded. Not sure the leather can be brought back to respectable, although we’d try some baseball-glove restoration methods. Laces intact, though.

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I am a collector of vintage sports stuff, old phones, and radios but mostly baseball gloves. My sale list is below Last updated: 06Aug If you are not happy with the glove, then return it for a full refund minus the postage assuming, of course, that the glove is in the same condition as when you received it. If you would like your baseball glove appraised or you would like information on your glove then please click here.

Find information on what year your vintage baseball glove was made. Vintage Baseball Glove Dating Guide. – Gloves & Mitts. The development of.

The slugger, who played from to , also holds the record for single-season batting average at. For the past 25 years, Martin has also played vintage base ball the game was two separate words back in the s for the Ohio Village Muffins, who take the field in Columbus each summer. That led me on even more of a search. He would write checks at restaurants and hotels, secure in the knowledge that he was so famous that many would be kept as a souvenir rather than cashed.

For years, Martin scoured garage sales and antiques shows for pieces for his museum. On June 14, , Waitkus, who had been traded from the Cubs to the Phillies the previous offseason, was back in Chicago, when he received a note summoning him to a room at the Edgewater Beach Hotel. There, he met Ruth Ann Steinhagen, a year-old obsessed fan, who shot and nearly killed Waitkus with a. Martin, a truck driver by trade, has a website and a Facebook page that shows off his collection.

A lot of people like to come up and share their memories with me.

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