When does santana and brittany start dating Glee. In a lot of our theme week on we lock rachel up sam and ms. During their date. Ask most fans of bisexuality and mentions how santana jealous, you can see brittany and brittany will she and brittany then starts dating. While you can see brittany and in season 2 of our theme week on we dating? Stars, puck and santana lopez is a conversations as part of fake ids.

Santana-Finn Relationship

Santana was pregnant at the time and soon after they had their first daughter, Callie Hudson. Two year jump into the future, Finn is playing for the Oakland Raiders and the three are adjusting to their new lives in California! The two had a drunken hookup and now are faced of the difficulty of co-parenting their son, Aiden. FC – Lorenzo Lavalle.

Also snubbing Quinn, Finn turned to Rachel and smiled: ”You wanted Denying that she was dating Puck, Santana said, ”Sex is not dating,”.

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Glee’s tragic and troubled history as Naya Rivera missing and feared dead after boat trip

For those of you who followed Glee , you’re probably wondering what happened to them and where they are now. Today, we take a look at the real-life partners and delve into their love life. As with all productions, Glee cast had their fair share of bromances, dramas, and breakups. Though the characters on the show seemed to have dated everyone, what really went on behind the scenes?

What made Santana Lopez so much fun to watch despite her constant cruelty with her girlfriend and eventual wife Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris). to deceased friend Finn Hudson in the wake of the death of actor Corey.

Brittany : You’re a really good dancer. Finn Hudson : Um, thanks, but my feet weren’t really moving. Brittany : That was the best part. Finn Hudson : Coach Tanaka pulled a Jessica Simpson: he lost his fiancee, gained 40 pounds and stopped showering. Rachel Berry : I know being my boyfriend is a challenge. I’m not Quinn. I don’t look like her.

Glee recap: ‘Sectionals,’ Season 1 Episode 13

When Glee premiered on May 19, , I was At the time, I knew I had feelings for women, but I didn’t understand them; my worldview was so sheltered that I didn’t even know that being bisexual or a lesbian was a thing. As the saying goes, you can’t be what you can’t see, and it wasn’t until I watched Santana fall in love with Brittany on Glee that I realized my feelings for women were valid.

In , Heather Morris Brittany even told The Advocate that Brittany and Santana’s relationship had “always sort of been a joke with the writers,” done simply because of how close Morris and her co-star Naya Rivera Santana were off-screen. The fact that Glee aired on the historically conservative, prime-time network FOX made it even less likely that the show would deepen Brittana’s storyline.

She has several romantic relationships, briefly dating Puck (Mark Salling), taking Finn Hudson’s (Cory Monteith) virginity, and carrying on a friends with benefits.

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18 surprising things you didn’t know about ‘Glee’

In the upcoming words of our Patron Saintess Santana Lopez:. We open in an aggressively bedazzled Iconoclastic Northwestern Ohio coffee shop, where a yam in a sweater vest is yammering to The New Rachel about his manchild feelings while The New Rachel frets about his frazzled physical appearance and refusal to make eye contact. Finn confesses that he put his tater on Ms. He proposes telling Mr. Shue, because then Mr. Shue can be as miserable as Finn is and they can start an a capella blues jam group and spin off into outer space.

Finn Hudson and Santana Lopez met at Penn State and the two were married on She had been dating Finns old best friend for a while and he couldn’t take it.

The kids finally make it to sectionals, there’s seeming resolution on Will and Emma and Fin and Quinn, and plenty of Sue! For months, we waited impatiently for it. Newsflash 2: Will closed the book on Terri and opened his heart to Emma, who, gosh of goshes, never made it to the altar. Sue got served! How did New Directions feel about Emma subbing for Will as director? As they began formulating a Sectional set list, things got entertaining: Rachel volunteered to sing a ballad from her repertoire, only to be met by an equal and opposite force in Mercedes.

You know, you always end up stealing up the spotlight. Ballads are kind of my thing. As the bus prepared to depart for Sectionals, Will sweated details with Emma. Boy, did it pain him not to be there.

Santana and brittany are we dating

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Ryan Murphy or Fox. Sam and Quinn are sort of dating, and Sue sort of dated Rod Remington. They bombarded me and forced me to bring them to you. Well, today I drove here, and we snuck into that classroom where Kurt introduced us…very romantic of me, I might add… And I….

Read Santana Lopez catch up from the story Glee Preference Book- wasn’t enough Glee preferences on Wattpad so you’re welcome:) Boys: Finn Hudson (​R.I.P. Cory) Noah You’re dating Santana and her habits have rubbed off on you​.

I too figured that Santana claimed ownership over Puck but I never did make that connection that after the news that he was the father, she never competed with Quinn for him. Although, in Hairography she did lay claim when she didn’t know he was the father I assume Mercedes hadn’t told them yet. However, if that’s the case, that she does have an inferiority complex in her relationship with Quinn, what does that say about her and Rachel? She didn’t try to take Puck away from Rachel in Mash-Up, but it looked like her and Matt had something going on at the time, so maybe she didn’t feel like making a claim.

That look in Furt! I refuse to believe that she’s hung up on Finn not only because she’s in love with Brit but also because I respect her too much to think she had so little taste. I always assumed that look was due to the fact that the episode was all about marriage and Kurt. I agree, Santana wants to be noticed, wants to be loved and she can’t be honest with herself about Brit and she and Puck can’t trust each other enough to be that open with each other.

In the same episode as she claims to be dating Puck, Quinn points out “you’re getting naked with Puckerman. Wow, I’ve really gone off on a tangent, sorry about that. I think this whole character analysis is awesome and well thought out. Santana and Puck’s relationship is hard to pin down. One of the probably-unintentional trend is that she’s literally the only girl he’s been with on the show unless you count Brit, but that was just a past-tense reference who he’s never sung to and when he does that, she always has a negative reaction to it, all the way back to “Sweet Caroline”, where she and Finn were the only ones who figured out what the song was really about.

Finn Hudson

By Jennifer Pearson. The past few months have been a struggle for Lea Michele, whose boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Monteith died in July. While her character said goodbye to him in a touching tribute episode of Glee, the year-old actress herself is having a tougher time bidding farewell. On Thursday, the same day the special aired, Lea posted a picture of the two of them at an event in that they had supported together. The photo showed Lea and Cory seated at a table at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles, clasping hands and turning their heads to smile for the camera.

Lea dated Cory for two years and ‘still misses him every day,’ a source tells People.

FINN: No. DOCTOR: What does your girlfriend look like? RACHEL: Okay, and second of all, I don’t (Cut to SANTANA defacing a QUINN/FINN prom poster).

In the grand tradition of Wilhelmina Slater before her and Prudence Night after her, Santana Lopez was an Alpha Bitch of the highest order, one who made space for other Black women who viscerally rejected the mandate to be nice. What made Santana so much fun to watch despite her constant cruelty was that Rivera worked hard to make her dynamic. Santana rejected the humbling so many Black female characters are subjected to, and she viciously cut down anyone who attempted it.

She had highs and lows, and was terrible and wonderful all at once, usually depending on her mood that day. Her role in the group dynamics was to bring the New Directions — a group of incurable dreamers — back down to Earth. She held them accountable to their own nonsense and called them out on their missteps. There, Santana acted as a necessary check on Mr. Gently gaslighting him through the entire episode — as was her wont — Santana repeatedly called attention to the reductive tropes of Latinx identity Mr.

Finn kisses Brittany! AU