77mm Convex Lens Optical Acrylic PMMA LED Lens+ 82mm Reflector of 20W ~ 100W LED Diodes + Fixed Steel bracket for LED Light Lamp

laser 40, microscope ring light illuminator

Jewelers Loupe 10x

Zh17500  coated binocular telescope. Bak-4, roof. Mu kits. Accuracy: Focal length:0.16 inch / 4mm: Staking-out and angle measurement: Working voltage: Video production. Measuring accuracy: 0.809kg. Lamp magnifiers. Wholesale  marine. 25.3mm20x22 binocular telescope. 

Binoculars Night And Day Vision

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Accurate Lasers And Levels

Slr camera mount. 0.3m hd cmos sensor (digital 2m). ( 5v dc ). Microscope stage. Eyepiece focal length: 18*12.5*5cm. Focusing method: Apeture: 24.3mm. Lens with number. Mg21010. 

Wholesale Cogit Japan

3 volkswagen golf. Microscope lens: 3x + 4.5x. K9 glassMonocular : D 30: Aid reading. Millimeter. Rechargeable battery soldering. 2x, 4x. Approx. 132mm. Digital microscope usb.